She started off in the event world, but as time went on she realized, “I wanted to do more of the set, creative work I was hiring others to do and I need a break from spreadsheets.”

She hit pause on the event freelance life and looked to pivot. She dove into hobbies and took a chance at entry-level jobs. Mary was willing to take a pay cut to see what was out there and to find her dream.

“I needed a break and the universe felt it” and it brought her to the floral world. She found a part-time…

ArtCube Nation is the social professional network for the art department that lives online and can be delivered straight to your email. We’re all busy so why wait until you’re home on a computer? Your network comes straight to you.

Our community is a powerful tool for freelancers in film, theater, and events. Here are our top 10 ways to use ArtCube Nation!

1. Sell your leftovers.

We are creating a more environmentally conscious film industry. We know when one set ends another begins. When you have flats, couches, half gallons of paint — someone wants it! No clutter, no…

Each year, Joel rents to hundreds of art departments on film, TV, and commercial sets in the New York area. He has a unique style. Joel is such a heartfelt person who continuously adds a sense of play to his career. He loves collecting props pieces with a story and enjoys the back and forth collaboration in the renting process. He digs in and asks what you’re using the prop or set piece for, what exact era are you shooting in, and then somehow magically has that specific working TV from the 50s that you dreamed up. …

Michael Stanford (colloquially known as Stanford) works in film, events, theater, and is a Cuber!

Before the film world converted him into a New Yorker, Stanford was studying architecture, drafting, and communications in high school in Philadelphia, and architecture was the end game for him. When he was 3 months away from graduating, his high school had a presentation introducing him to film production and from there we went to film school.

He finished college and immersed himself in the industry right away. He was a production assistant for 3–4 years in art and general film production. Devin Delano, a…

Featuring Brian Colgan

ACME Brooklyn has been one of the biggest supporters of ArtCube Nation from day one — they have even been with us since the original google group! We feel so fortunate to have such an extraordinary group of people who work at ACME as a part of our growing community. It is our great pleasure to share with you a bit more about how they formed and how they’re helping folx during the pandemic as we get back into the swing of set.

“Every day is a new adventure these days,” Brian Colgan, studio director of ACME started off our…

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For those of you who don’t know me, hello! I’m Jess Costa, the Community Manager of ArtCube Nation, The Professional Social Network of the Art Department. It’s wonderful if you’re just starting out in the film industry or you’re a well-seasoned pro. When I joined, I was more of the former.

My CubeStory started when I was working on my senior thesis at NYU and I ambitiously wanted to make a Victorian film. I was still figuring it out, working with a shoestring budget, and I had a dream to make this indie period piece come true. I had a…

Featuring Samantha Mileski

Samantha is a Cuber, Prosthetic Artist, SFX Makeup Artist, and Fabricator (and like many of us holds many other titles and skillsets). Her love of the SFX world spawned from a job in high school where she did the makeup and performed in a haunted house! She loved the play of it all and being hands-on. In her senior year of high school, she only had one credit left (a gym credit nonetheless) so she built out the rest of her schedule to be decked with art classes. …

Is your friend a movie lover? Are you looking for that gift that they will really remember? Well, we’ve got you covered! ArtCube Market is an online store with bespoke pieces made by the makers, artists, and fabricators in the Film Industry.

We have an amazing community beyond this list, but here are our Top Holiday Picks:

Gingerbread Ornaments

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Do you know the Muffin Man? Enjoy these wonderful, macabre gingerbread ornaments for your tree. Made by Special FX Artist, Samantha, makes prosthetics and gore brought to you with some holiday cheer! Add your family’s names on the tags for a custom touch…

This is a special spotlight for me because I’ve known Dave for the last few years and this spotlight was a wonderful excuse to reconnect. We met him on a feature, Looks That Kill, in Syracuse where he was painting a giant opossum mascot on the wall of the gym (and who can really top an intro like that).

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Dave is a wonderful, talented, and humble human; he makes the impossible happen and keeps his imagination flowing. For Looks That Kill, there was a dream sequence where a character walks down the hall of a hospital and it morphs into…

Quinn is the go-to person for just about anything! She fabricates, welds, designs, and because it’s our world, she’s used to the intense turnarounds. “I stay up all night to come through and make it happened and I used to be the last minute call gal.”

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For a commercial, Tuesday they got the go-ahead — Thursday they loaded in. She had one scenic and a carpenter in the shop for 2 days and then 3 scenics on set. They finished the cave and seamed the flats finished up as they were shooting, and she shrugged off this feat with, “you…

Jess from ArtCube Nation

I am the Community Manager of the Film Network for the Art Department called ArtCube Nation. We highlight our artists and how to make films sustainably.

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